Search Suggestions with Images

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Search Suggestions with Images Search Suggestions with Images

This module provides a list of suggestions when a visitor begins typing into the page search boxes, as well as displaying a thumbnail image for each suggestion (providing the item has an image associated). The suggestions for the Auto Complete list are automatically built from the products available in your store.

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The ZenCart™ Auto Complete & Images module for the page Search boxes is designed to provide a list of suggestions to visitors with thumbnail examples for each item when they begin search based on the products available from your website. The list of products (search suggestions and associated thumbnails) is automatically refreshed by the script. This module contains the following features:
  • Auto Complete drop down shown below search boxes is updated as the user types (the styles for this dropdown are configurable through its own CSS file, and the number of matches to show is configurable)
  • The script is easy to install - just copy a few files to your server. Nothing has to be configured/changed unless you want to!
  • Matches fetched in real time through Ajax
  • Price can be displayed with each product suggestion
This module has been tested with recent versions of all major browsers. This AutoComplete module makes use of a modified version of the Javascript Auto Complete Control available for free on our website; the module also contains other code which is not free and is released under commercial licence. This software is similar to the simpler version available on our website: Search box Auto Complete (this version does not display thumbnails).

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Update history

minor 24/11/12 Minor update: Added support for ordering of results
minor 30/08/12 Minor update: Resolved rare third-party script conflict
minor 25/05/12 Minor update: Search terms are now split at blank spaces and each portion can occur anywhere in the product title (improved search)
major 17/05/12 Major update: Version 2, new features and simpler installation!
minor 30/12/11 Minor update: Resolved linking issue in chrome; added fix for read-only directories.