Multi-level Category Menu

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Multi-level Category Menu Multi-level Category Menu

Make it even simpler for customers to find what they need straight away with the multi-level category menu for zen cart. Builds static menu files for faster page loading, and builds a menu for each language! Easy to install, intuitive, and great to improve your store navigation.

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This multi-level navigation menu is built from the available categories and the languages used in your zen cart store. An easy to use administration interface is added to the catalog menu that allows you to rebuild the menus to the sub-category depth you desire (or, optionally, to an unlimited depth to include all sub-categories).

Multi-level category menu Zen Cart example

Static menu files are built for each language your store uses, so the category menu does not have to make any SQL queries during page loads. The menu makes navigation simpler for your customers, improving their shopping experience.

This module has been developed and tested on Zencart 1.5.x, but if you are using a different store version please let us know and we'll test it and modify it if necessary!

The menus appearance is designed to be easy to modify through CSS to match the look of your store.

Please consider supporting the development of this free product by donating. Donations help to ensure more time can be dedicated to the continued development of free modules, such as this one.

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