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Custom Sideboxes Custom Sideboxes

Easily add custom sideboxes to your shop with rich HTML content with the zen cart module. New sideboxes can be created and configured, and then managed as normal through the layout boxes controller! A great way to add additional content quickly to your stores side bars.

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This administration module allows you to quickly create and manage custom sideboxes. Your custom sideboxes can then be displayed and positioned as normal through the layout boxes controller.

The custom sideboxes can have their content edited directly through a WYSIWYG rich content interface, and also have additional properties and styles to make them really stand out:

  • Show or remove the standard sidebox formatting (such as the box border on the default templates)
  • Show or remove the box header
  • Add custom styling CSS classes to the sideboxes
  • Optionally fix the custom boxes width to prevent overflow

Check out the screenshots below!
This module has been developed with 1.5.x, and also works with 1.3.8a. If you would like to check it's compatible with the version you use, just let us know!

This module uses the TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor to provide rich content editing for your custom sideboxes.

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Update history

minor 22/10/12 Minor update: Support added for 1.3.8a