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Ajax Add to Cart Ajax Add to Cart

This amazing Zencart add-on allows you visitors to add items to their shopping cart without needing to navigate away from the categories pages - either a single item or in bulk! Simple to install and easy to use, it can help encourage sales and make your store more user-friendly!

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The ZenCart´┐Ż Ajax Add to Cart script allows your customers to add products to their shopping carts without leaving the category pages. Category page quantity boxes are suffixed with an add to cart button, and single-item add to cart buttons change their behaviour with this great zen cart mod!

When adding products to their cart, the products thumbnail will fly across the page and gently fade out into the shopping cart, and the cart itself will then be updated - all without the customer needing to leave the page! The effect is both clear and effective; it can help improve sales by avoiding taking customers away from product lists, and also make your store look even more professional!

Product removal is also simplified; the user can just click a deletion link next to cart items to remove them, avoiding the need for them to leave the current page and miss other potential products of interest!

Even the shopping cart page is improved; The "remove from cart" and "update quantity" links still have the same effect, but now the visitor does not have to experience a page reload to make a change!

This script works with all modern major browsers that support Javascript and Ajax (such as Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Opera), and will simply use the default store behaviour for those which do not.

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Update history

minor 30/01/13 Minor update: Resolved rounding of product prices in some instances.
minor 22/10/12 Minor update: Further support for custom templates.
minor 20/09/12 Minor update: Now supports Ajax adding to cart from products pages!
minor 09/09/12 Minor update: Modified to be compatible with third part URL rewriting modules; added images to shopping cart.
minor 08/09/12 Minor update: Resolved bug when removing attributed items from sidecart
minor 06/09/12 Minor update: Resolved removal of first item added bug; changed item added popup to add checkout/continue shopping links
minor 12/07/12 Minor update: Made to be more compatible with custom templates.