Seaside Template

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Seaside Template Seaside Template

The Seaside Template is designed for businesses, information websites, or other websites where you'd like to clearly display a reasonable amount of information to visitors. It has a clean and clear layout with a very eye-catching beach-themed header.

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This template provides an expandable content area in order to accomodate any amount of page content, as well as two page top-boxes in order to highlight peices of information, news, or products. There are three main navigation buttons, and the main content area is divied into a left bar and wider right bar area, so the left bar could comfortably be used for an extended navigation area whilst still maintaining a neat and clear layout. The template includes the PSD file to be edited directly if desired, as well as pre-sliced images and a HTML file for customizing if you do not wish to use photoshop. All images with text on them are also included without text should you wish to edit them in any other image editing programme. The template is roughly 800 pixels wide.