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In these categories you will find our Website Templates. A good template should be clean, easy to follow, and above all eye-catching.

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    The templates in this category are best suited for a website that will only need a limited number of pages. In this category you will find templates ideal for small portfolio sites and business-card style templates.

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    Seaside Template

    Seaside Template

    Last updated 28/07/2011 06:38:53pm

    The Seaside Template is designed for businesses, information websites, or other websites where you'd like to clearly display a reasonable amount of information to visitors. It has a clean and clear layout with a very eye-catching beach-themed header.

    Sandy Beaches Template

    Sandy Beaches Template

    Last updated 25/04/2011 11:36:31am

    The Sandy Beaches template is designed for use as a shop website, news site, or blog, and is designed to easily and clearly accomodate a large amount of information on a page flexibly. Eye-catching, clear layout that is 1000px wide and as tall as necessary.