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Website Security Software Website Security Software

Short: Website Protect - Website Security Software allows you to control folder/directory access on your website through accounts and user groups, without having to deal directly with apaches htaccess files.

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We want your suggestions!
As this software can be very useful to many people, we would be very greatful for any suggestions for improvement, or future features you'd like to see.

This software is temporarily unavailable whilst it is being updated to a newer version to overcome some commonly occuring problems - thanks for your patience!
The Website Protect software provides security for your protected files/directories without having to add PHP code to your own pages or deal directly with apaches htaccess and htpasswd files. The security management software allows member registrations, account management, and access to protected directories through memberships of "User Groups". The software supports the following features:
  • Configurable to allow/deny member signups, require Administrators to validate accounts, or require email address validation for an account to be activated
  • Create usergroups and manage accounts memberships; you can set memberships with a start and end time and date, or make permanent memberships
  • Create AutoGroups which will be applied to all member accounts, including new users, to lock areas of your site for members only
  • Create your own custom login page so users do not need to interact with the Security softwares member area, or;
  • Make use of the built in members area, that allows users to manage account details or view their current group memberships
  • Easily browse your websites directories and apply, remove, or modify directory protection
  • Easily install or remove the software with the simple to follow installer
Download the software to try out its full range of features!

This software has the following server requirements:

  • PHP
  • mail() function (with SMTP properly configured)
  • MySQL
  • File WRITE access for PHP scripts
  • Apache .htaccess file support (Apache server)