Simple jQuery Chatroom

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Simple jQuery Chatroom Simple jQuery Chatroom

A very simple jQuery and PHP based chatroom! This script requires little to get up and running, is easy to modify, uses the cross browser jQuery library, and best of all it's free!

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This chatroom script simply allows anyone to join and post, and provides a neat and easy to use method for your visitors to interact on your website! The following features make this chatroom useful:
  • Prevents 'flooding' by allowing you to specify a minimum delay between posts
  • Specify the maximum message length
  • Specify the maximum number of messages to store in the chat data file
  • Easily modify the aesthetics of the chatroom by editing associated CSS attributes
  • 'Gentle' client-side prevention of flooding by displaying timer until next post is allowed (as well as server-side protection)
This script is made to be light-weight and easy on the server. As such, this script does not support Nickname registration, allows multiple users of the same name, and does not include administration. It is, however, well suited to providing easy to use chat facilities to a small visitor base.