PHP Flat File Guestbook

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PHP Flat File Guestbook PHP Flat File Guestbook

This neat little PHP Guestbook script supports a number of great features to allow visitors to post comments on your website via a Guestbook, with no need for a MySQL Database!

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The Flat File PHP Guestbook is designed to be lightweight, easy on the server, and simple to install, whilst still providing a number of important features! The script should run on any server with PHP 4+! Features include:
  • Automatic Email notification of new comments (can be enabled or disabled)
  • Easy to set up and run (just change the username and password for the admin area and upload the files!)
  • reCAPTCHA support to help prevent spam (optional, and very easy to configure)
  • Administration editing of comments
  • Support for smilies (with a few basic ones included)
  • Comments can require Administrator approval
  • Comments can require a valid email address
  • Optionally allow the user to post their own website address
The script is designed to be easy to include in your own template, or to use as a standalone page. The page appearance can be easily edited through the included CSS file if you want to, without the need to edit any HTML directly.

Update history

minor 04/09/12 Minor update: Added administrative comment editing
major 16/03/12 Major update: Fixed new message mailing not containing text
critical 17/01/12 Critical update: Fixed bug when deleting posts with line breaks