osCommerce Ajax Add to Cart

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osCommerce Ajax Add to Cart osCommerce Ajax Add to Cart

This simple to install osCommerce module allows users to add items to their shopping carts without directing them away from the categories page they are currently on - meaning a cleaner, easier to follow customer experience, and less pages to jump between when adding items to their cart!

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This osCommerce module over-rides the standard "buy now" buttons, preventing the user from being directed to a new page, and instead adding products to their cart via Ajax.

The result is a smoother shopping experience, meaning a customer isn't flicking between pages every time they add a new item to their cart!

Removing items from their cart is also simplified, with each item being suffixed with a "Delete from cart" link, which removes the item via Ajax, and the shopping cart page is also modified - updating quantities or removing an item is a much simpler affair!

This module has been developed for osCommerce version 2.3 - if you are interested in this module for a different version, just let us know via the contact page and we'll let you know if it's compatible, and if it isn't we'll adapt it!

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Update history

minor 30/01/13 Minor update: Additional support for custom templates and decimal product quantities.
minor 01/12/12 Minor update: Bugfix: loading icon animated instead of product image in rare circumstances
minor 24/11/12 Minor update: Updates for shopping cart page interaction
major 22/11/12 Major update: Buy now link on product pages now Ajax; bugfixes; checkout/continue shopping prompt