osC Search Suggest and Images

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osC Search Suggest and Images osC Search Suggest and Images

This osCommerce module improves your shops searching feature, giving visitors a live list of possible matches with thumbnail images, helping your customers find what they want without the hassle!

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This plugin begins displaying matches as soon as a visitor begins typing in the search bar - any matches (up to a configurable maximum) are displayed as suggestions below the search box, which the visitor can then click on to jump straight to the products page!
  • Easy to customize with CSS
  • Uses jQuery - fast and consistent across many browsers!
  • Easy to customize number of results shown, whether or not to show images, and how often the list of product suggestions is rebuilt
  • Intuitive to interact with list of suggestions; users can use their mouse to click a product, or use the up and down arrow keys and "enter" key

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Update history

minor 28/11/12 Minor update: Added support for ordering of search results
major 09/11/12 Major update: Products now fetched via Ajax; multi-lingual shops handled correctly