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Filter Brands by Category Filter Brands by Category

This simple modification to Opencart allows products on the Brands pages to be filtered by category, making it easier for customers to find the produt they're looking for.

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If a customer is looking for a certain product from their favourite brand, you'll find they'll often hop over to the Brands page. However, if there's a lot of products in the brand they like, finding the item they're looking for isn't always straight-forward.

To make it a much simpler affair, this simple modification allows the categories list to be shown to the left of the brands page and actually filter brand items, as well as showing how many branded items are available in each category! Choosing a brand then clicking on a category filters the products, or simply clicking on a category without a brand being selected takes the customer to the category they have chosen.

Please note: This modification has been developed and tested with OpenCart; if you need this modification for a different version please let us know.

THIS MODIFICATION IS RELEASED AS-IS; we are not responsible for any damage, loss of information, etc., that may arise as a result of using this modification.

Installation is straight forward; the following two files must be over-written, so we strongly recommend you back up these files first:


You then need to copy the files from the zip file (see the download link above) from the 'www' folder to your opencart installation, using the same folder path.

Finally, activate the category filter module on the Brands page by entering the Administration area, and going to Extensions > Modules > Category > edit, and choosing Add Module with the following options: Layout: Manufacturer, Status: Enabled, Sort order: 1, and then saving your changes.

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