jQuery range select slider

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jQuery range select slider jQuery range select slider

jQuery based range select slider control to allow users to select a range of values within a specified minimum and maximum range. Useful for allowing visitors to select price ranges when browsing products!

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This range slider control is based around jQuery and provides a simple and intuitive way for visitors to select a range of values within the minimum and maximum range you specify.

View an example of the jQuery Range Slider

The control is easy to customize and comes with several basic (but eye-catching) styles for you to choose from straight away!

The control can be tied to minimum and maximum fields that will be updated automatically when the relevant ends of the sliders range are changed, making it easy to tie in with existing forms, and easy to control automated events fired when these fields are changed.

This control has been tested with recent versions of the following popular browsers: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Opera.