jQuery Progress Wheel

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jQuery Progress Wheel jQuery Progress Wheel

jQuery based round progress indicator (progress wheel) to display current operation progress to your users. The control can be easily created and controlled, and supports some amazing styling features, including creating none-circular indicators by using images!

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This progress wheel indicator only takes a few lines of code to get up and running and provides a great way to communicate completion to your users! Works in modern browsers supporting the canvas element, and defaults back to a clear text counter in older browsers.

Progress Wheel control example

This control supports the following features:

  • Easy to initiate and control values
  • Configurable scrolling speed
  • Callback function for when the control reaches 100% can be specified
  • Easy to control appearance, including: Solid colours, radial gradients, and images, and transparency (why not make the indicator an irregular shape, like a face? it's easy!)
Take a look at the example or download the script and try it out!