jQuery Progress Bar

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jQuery Progress Bar jQuery Progress Bar

Lightweight jQuery based progress bar that's easy to configure and update. A very useful way for keeping your users up to date of how close to completion an action (such as file upload) is.

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This control is based on jQuery and is itself very lightweight. Controls can be created during page-loading or at run time through Javascript, and the visual appearance is simple to customize through CSS (a few different syle classes are included with the control).

jQuery Progress Bar example

Some of the features of this control are:

  • Creation at page load or run time through simple Javascript function
  • Easy to update through Javascript; can be immediately set to a new value or smoothly scroll to a new value at the speed you specify
  • Automatically adapts to width of content area the control is placed in (can also be configured at a fixed width)
  • Conrols can have different minimum and maximum ranges specified for custom purposes (default range being 0 to 100)
This control has been tested in recent versions of the following major browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera.