Javascript Colour Picker

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Javascript Colour Picker Javascript Colour Picker

Want to interactively allow your website users to select a colour? The jscColourPicker control allows colour selection quickly by providing the option to choose the red, green, and blue levels, the hex value, or simply dragging the colour bars to create the desired colour!

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The Javascript Colour Picker Control provides an easy to use interface to allow your visitors to choose a custom colour by selecting the desired red, green, and blue intensity.
  • Control returns the red, green, and blue values seperately, as well as the hex value which can be used as colour value straight away for your webpage and its elements
  • The user can edit the hex value, or the red, green, and blue values directly, but the control will not accept incorrect values
  • Easy to set up; Just a small amount of code to get started with the control
This control has been tested in modern versions of the following major browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, and Opera.