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PHP Link Directory PHP Link Directory

This PHP Link Directory script provides a fully fledged link directory for managing categorized links, as well as supporting static addresses to ensure search engine optimization. Backed up by an easy to use administration area with bulk management, and easy to install!

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The PHP Link Directory script aims to offer a complete Link Directory solution. The directory only requires certain software that is common to most web hosting packages, and provides the following features:
  • Manage multiple level category tree - sub categories can go as deep as you want
  • Makes use of mod_rewrite (if you wish) in order to make every category and link appear as a seperate static page - great for search engine optimization and human readability of links
  • Easy to customize - easy to change global settings with detailed help every step of the way (you don't need to be a programmer to run this directory!)
  • Automatic validation of reciprocal links - if your server supports it, the reciprocal link can be checked before a submission is even accepted
  • Easy to install - just a couple of minutes till you're up and running
...and more! Just download the directory free and check it out! Some Administration area screenshots:

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Update history

minor 30/07/12 Minor update: Fixed encoded URLs not being allowed in GET on some servers bug.
minor 15/01/12 Minor update: Fixed bug related to link deletion by submitter
minor 08/01/12 Minor update: Outbound links now open in a new window