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Holiday Home Advertising Site Holiday Home Advertising Site

The Holiday Home Advertising Site software gives you a complete site for someone wishing to advertise and rent out their holiday home; managing of bookings, availability calendars, photo gallery plus much more!

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Version 2 of the popular Holiday Home Advertising Software (Vacation Rentals) is now available as the initial release candidate. Please download as normal if you have purchased this software. If you wish to use the old version, this can be obtained from the Additional Files section at the bottom of the page (only available if you have purchased the software and are logged in to your account).


This new version has brought a whole set of new features! Amongst these are the following:

  • Manage multiple properties through one website! If you have several holiday homes, you may wish to display them all on the one website - with version 2 you have control to create multiple properties, whilst managing reviews, image galleries, bookings, prices and discounts independently!
  • Customer reviews - allow your visitors to leave their opinion on the property they stayed in!
  • Customizable email and printable form templates - generate a rental agreement for a booking with just the click of a mouse, or save yourself the time it takes to write a confirmation email by configuring templates!
  • In-depth website configuration - lots of website features can be easily configured without the need to be a programmer!
  • Custom pages - a powerful CMS allows you to create as many additional pages as you want for your website, and you can configure their content through the easy to use TinyMCE rich content editing interface!
Vacation Rentals / Holiday Home Advertising front end example - You can preview a simple installation example of the front-end of the software here!


This software needs your server to meet the following requirements to run as expected:

  • PHP 5.3+ - This software should work with 5.2+ but we recommend a newer version, and recommend using a host that keeps their PHP software up to date. Future features may require newer PHP versions.
  • ImageMagick - Used for manipulation of uploaded images. Included with many hosting services that provide PHP.
  • MySQL - A recent version. Whilst this software does not require any particularly cutting-edge MySQL features, it is important your host keeps this software up to date to address security issues.
  • Apache mod_rewrite enabled - If you wish to use the new URL rewriting features for SEO benefits, you must be using a host the Apache and mod_rewrite enabled. Apache must also allow directory-level .htaccess files to override global settings. If you are unsure, contact your hosting provider.

Update history

major 18/07/14 Major update: Version 2 release candidate now available as main download.
minor 11/07/14 Minor update: V2: design updates, feature enhancements published
major 04/07/14 Major update: Version 2 beta released