Current Site Happenings

I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates, new products, and support on the website recently. As previously mentioned, a change of circumstances has left me unable to adequately support and develop during this period. You'll be glad to know the website and these products have not been abandoned!

Purchasing products & support

Product sales are left online as many products here are stable and well-advanced, and are not available or lack features from alternative sources. However, please note our products are licensed without warranty or guarantee of support, and as support is still an issue we recommend you have a working knowledge of the server-side languages used and the CMS / e-Commerce system if the software is a module, add-on or similar. This is mainly because other modules you have installed or custom templates may modify / replace the default form field names, core files (which is naughty!), or similar, preventing smooth running and requiring some modification of the modules code, a service I previously provided free to customers through email support.

In regards modules, we strongly recommend you check the version of the core software you are using to ensure it is either mentioned as being valid in the module description, or was the current version at the time the module was released!

What does the future hold?

I fully intend on releasing updated versions of existing products, as well as once again providing the in-depth support previous customers were used to as soon as the situation allows. This will be as soon as certain unrelated projects reach their conclusions and allow me the time to do so. I will also be providing forums and a better support system & knowledge base so similar events in the future should not interfere to such a degree.