Javascript Date Picker control

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Javascript Date Picker control Javascript Date Picker control

A simple popup calendar control to help in choosing dates. This control can be easily tied to form fields or your own custom functions, and only takes a few lines to include in your pages!

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Version 2 is packed with even more features, better compatibility, and much smoother looks!

The jscDatePicker control provides an interactive calendar control to help users in selecting dates. The control can then be tied to form fields to update or call custom functions.

Control Features

This control provides provides some great features, including some you don't see on other available date pickers...

  • Easily customize appearance or use one of the skins provided
  • Select which weekday should appear first (Any!)
  • Set upper and lower limits for which dates can be selected
  • Block specific months, days of the week, and even exact dates from being selected!
  • Attach as many Callback functions and output fields as you want to!
  • Format the output of the control using all the formatting options available for dates in PHP, including ISO-8601 dates & weeks, and names of Days and Months!

This control is feature rich, cross-browser compatible, and still remains light-weight and easily customizable - give it a try today!

This control has been tested in modern versions of the following major browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera.

Update history

critical 16/07/14 Critical update: Fixed bugs: overflow with some weekdays as first day; added SetDate function.
major 20/05/14 Major update: Version 2 Released with many new features!