Javascript Image Magnifier

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Javascript Image Magnifier Javascript Image Magnifier

This control can be very easily attached to any images on your page, and allows downsized images to be viewed with a magnifier when the user places their cursor over the image.

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The Javascript Image Magnifier allows pictures on your webpage to have areas magnified when a user places their mouse cursor over them. This allows larger images to be viewed at full quality and in full detail whilst not requiring them to take up a large area of a page.
  • Easy to set up; Just a small amount of code in each image tag you wish to be able to magnify, and one small Javascript file to include
  • Optionally specify the magnifiers size and border colour
  • Easily set the relative position of the magnified view
  • Control the magnification ratio of the zoomed image area
This control has been tested in modern versions of the following major browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Update history

minor 12/07/12 Minor update: Made kinder to DOM when installing; prevents loss of existing DOM references in scripts (compatability with google translator, etc)