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Article published 12/01/2010 04:41:00pm
Find top z-indexFind top z-index

If you want to dynamically move an element on a webpage to the "top" position, this function lets you find the current top z-index on the fly. Extremely important if you need to overlay content on a page with changing content!

This function allows you to quickly find the topmost current z-index of all elements on a page. The returned value is equal to the topmost z-index, so if you wish to overlay all page content you should add one (+1) to the returned number.
Note: Some elements, such as select boxes, will always appear topmost on a page, overlaying other content. This is a known browser issue that as of yet has not been resolved.
The function follows these steps:
  1. Fetch a list of page elements using either getElementsByTagName or document.all depending on the browser
  2. Looping through all page elements and checking if they have a z-index
  3. If a z-index value is found that is higher than the current highest, the current highest is changed to reflect it
  4. The highest found z-index is returned by the function
The code is as follows (Javascript):
function find_topmost() {
  current_top = 0;
  if(document.getElementsByTagName) {
    page_elements = document.body.getElementsByTagName('*');
  } else if(document.all) {
    page_elements = document.all;
  } else { return false; }
  for(i=0;i<page_elements.length;i++) {
    if(page_elements[i].style.zIndex &&
     parseInt(page_elements[i].style.zIndex)>current_top) {
      current_top = parseInt(page_elements[i].style.zIndex);
  return current_top;